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Scholarship for International Students of MBA Education Center at GDUFS

publisher:createtime: 2019-06-10


Scholarship for International Students of MBA Education Center, School of Business, GDUFS was set in September 2018 to attract outstanding international students to study at MBA Education Center and to award students with excellent performance in academics and conduct.

The scholarship assessment will be fair, merit-based, and rigorous.

1. Eligible applicants:

The International students who started to study at MBA Education Center 

2. Scholarship Criteria:

4000 RMB per semester; 16,000 RMB in total

3. Requirements:

 (1) The applicant should abide by Chinese laws and regulations, respect Chinese customs and comply with rules and regulations of GDUFS; Integrity, morality, diligence and self-motivation of the applicant are also required.  

(2) International students should have registered in GDUFS with X1-Visa or X2-Visa, paid off their tuition fees and bought international student insurance as required; Within 30 days after entering China’s mainland, the applicant should have filled in the Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors, and obtained their study visa or residence permits. Moreover, the applicant should have filled in the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners as requested by Inspection and Quarantine Department of the People's Republic of China.

 (3) The quota of scholarship available is subject to the actual registered students’ number.

4. The applicant is not qualified for application under such circumstances:

 (1) The applicant is punished for violating Chinese laws and regulations or rules and regulations of GDUFS. The applicant brought negative impact or great loss to his/her class, MBA Project or SOB or GDUFS.

(2) The applicant is during suspension of schooling, or his/her student status is in reservation for the application term.

(3) The applicant does not pay tuition fees on time.

 (4) The applicant does not register and handle immigration procedures and visa as requested.

(5)The applicant cheats during the scholarship application process.

(6) The applicant has records of fail in examinations.

(7) The applicant violates relevant rules of MBA center’s teaching administration in terms of attendance, school assignment, etc.

5. How to apply:

(1) Applicants shall submit your own application form, a hard copy of passport, a hard copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors,  and Academic Transcript to to Ms. Zhang in 404 office of MBA Education Center within two weeks of the beginning of each semester. Students who fail to submit materials by the deadline will be deemed to have given up the qualification.

(2) Application form can be downloaded from the official website of MBA Education Center, GDUFS.

(3) The scholarship assessment will be based on the submitted application materials. Results will be announced in the second month of each semester.


6. Contact information:

       Ms. Zhang,Office 404 of MBA Education Center, Teaching Building 9, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (North Campus).

Tel: 020-36209660

School of Business, GDUFS, reserves all the right to interpret the terms and application requirements listed above.

 附件:MBA留学生奖学金申请表(APPLICATION FORM).docx



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