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Notification of Application for Short-term Academic Visit Program to Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

publisher:createtime: 2019-01-11



Dear MBA students:

As one of the initiators of the BRICS Business Schools Association, Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (XIME) of India, , has been actively promoting the development of entrepreneurship education. Since the signing of the memorandum of cooperation between the two universities, we have actively carried out academic exchanges and cooperation between the two sides and achieved great results.

In order to further broaden the international vision and enrich the international experience of MBA students, the MBA Center plans to continue to cooperate with XIME India and  carry out a short-term visit program in March 2019. The relevant details are hereby notified as follows:

1. Program details: studying Indian economy and cultural system, exploring Indian information technology, business and entrepreneurship education, visiting Indian IT center and Bangalore, and visiting Chennai campus and interacting with XIME students, etc.

2. Program time: March 6-14, 2019 (the time may be subject to change)

3. Program location : Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai in India

4. Program applicants: MBA students and alumni who have graduated from MBA Center

5. Program fee: RMB 2,400 (including accommodation fee for a double room, transportation fee for 8 days of the study tour and city tour in Bangalore and Mysore , breakfast for 8 days, airport transfer), not including the fee for round trip flight tickets.

6. Deadline for application: 18:00 on January 15th , 2019

7. Contacts:

Office: Room 404, MBA Center, No.9 Teaching Building, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Contact person: Ms Yu Qianqian 020-36209660

Please download and fill in the application form as soon as possible and submit it to 201720105

Annex: (subject to change)

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