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Notice: Selection for Postgraduate Academic Program at Michigan State University, USA

publisher:createtime: 2019-04-13

GDUFS plans to select postgraduate students for the fall semester 2019 academic program at Michigan State University (MSU), USA as part of our efforts to empower postgraduates with international skillset and to develop creative and internationally-minded talents. The detailed information is as follows:

I Selection Criteria

1 Eligible Applicants

Outstanding postgraduate students currently studying at GDUFS.

2 Requirements

 Applicants must be Chinese citizens with good moral conduct who support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and love the socialist country. They should have no records of breaking the laws, regulations or student conduct, and are determined to return to China after the program to contribute to the future development of our country.

 Applicants must respect laws and regulations and actively participate in volunteer and other social activities. They should have outstanding academic performance, research and innovation capacity, and development potentials. Their research directions at the program should be consistent with those in GDUFS.

 Applicants must not have any record of failed examinations, re-examination, or re-enrollment of courses (including the application semester). Requirement for GPA is 3.0 or higher for postgraduates (converted according to the Undergraduate Credit Conversion Standards (attachment 1-1).

 Applicants must meet the foreign language requirements of Michigan State University, i.e. TOEFL (iBT): score of 79 with no sub-score below 17; or IELTS: score of 6.5 or higher. For applicants for legal courses, the minimum scores are TOEFL: 90 or IELTS: 7.0.

 Applicants must get the approval from their tutors and school, faculty, or institute before studying abroad, and the tutors should agree to assume responsibility as the guarantors of the applicants. Students with oriented training contracts with certain institutions must obtain the consent of the contracted institutions before application.

 Applicants must return to China at least one year before degree application within the longest possible period of college attendance prescribed by GDUFS.

 Each student is allowed to apply for only one program. Please do not opt out once admitted.

 Applicants are not qualified under circumstances explained in article 14 of Interim Measures for GDUFS Postgraduates Enrolling in Short-term Overseas Academic Programs or Attending International Academic Conference (attachment 2).

II Financial Support

1 Applicants may apply for financial support according to Interim Measures for GDUFS Postgraduates Enrolling in Short-term Overseas Academic Programs or Attending International Academic Conference (attachment 2).

 The maximum monthly funding standard for each student does not exceed the latest funding standards set by the China Scholarship Council. Categories for financial support are detailed in article 6 (1) of attachment 2.

 According to GDUFS financial management regulations, participating postgraduate students shall have their costs reimbursed within the maximum monthly funding amount after submitting the invoices during the program to the Financial Affairs Division, GDUFS. Final costs approved to be reimbursed are decided by the Financial Affairs Division. Total costs that reach or exceed the above maximum amount will be reimbursed according to the maximum amount; total costs lower than that will be reimbursed according to the real amount.

 Participating postgraduate students shall keep the consumption proof for the actual reimbursement, including boarding pass, copies of passport and entry and exit records, effective cost details and original invoices (flight e-ticket itinerary, train ticket, etc.). The proof must be submitted with explanation in Chinese including the content, date, quantity, amount, etc.

 Participating postgraduate students shall submit the consumption proof and finish the reimbursement application within one month after returning to GDUFS (extended accordingly in case of national holidays or winter and summer breaks). Those who are funded must fulfill the required obligations on time.

Participants may apply for scholarships according to the Selection Measures for GDUFS Postgraduate Overseas Academic Program Scholarship (attachment 3).

2 Students applying for financial support according to the Interim Measures for GDUFS Postgraduates Enrolling in Short-term Overseas Academic Programs or Attending International Academic Conference who meet the requirements in article 6 of GDUFS Measures for Students Enrolling in High-level Overseas Academic Programs (attachment 4) will be directly included in the application for financial support according to the latter, without the need to submit the application form again. GDUFS will determine the amount and quota of the funding at the end of the semester and select students across the university, who will be sponsored according to article 11 of attachment 4.

III Selection Procedures

The selection will go through open, fair, and just procedures including individual application, tutor recommendation, expert evaluation, and merit-based selection.

1 Application Time

Application is open from April 10 to April 25, 2019. The application materials to be submitted are as follows:

 GDUFS Application Form for Overseas Academic Programs for Postgraduate Students (attachment 5)

 A research plan, including the research background, objectives, preparation, methods, timetable, and follow-up research plans after returning to China, which shall be confirmed and signed by the applicant's tutors;

 Research works obtained by the applicant, e.g. a copy of the cover, table of contents, and the first page of the published research papers, a copy of the cover and copyright page of monographs, and a copy of certificates of awards and patent;

 A copy of language proficiency proof that meets the application requirements, a copy of the academic transcript, and a Postgraduate GPA Proof Document signed and sealed by the applicant's school, faculty, or institute (attachment 1-2).

All the above materials shall be submitted in both hard copy (stapled together) and electronic documents. Applicants shall be disqualified if the materials are not complete or contain false information.

2 The applicant's school, faculty, or institute shall strictly review the application materials submitted according to the Measures and submit the materials (attachment 5) and a list of applicants (attachment 6) to Graduate School Training Department before the end of working hours on April 26.

3 GDUFS will examine the application materials and demonstrated in public the selected student list for 5 days.

4 The sponsored students shall leave for the program within six months after being approved. Qualifications for the program will be automatically cancelled beyond the time.

5 Sponsored students must sign the Short-term Overseas Academic Program Agreement (attachment 7) with their tutors and their school, faculty, or institute, the Postgraduate Student Statement (Attachment 8), and the Family statement (attachment 9).

IV Rights and Obligations of Sponsored Students

1 Participants must strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations, GDUFS disciplines for overseas study, laws and regulations of the country (region) during the program, and the regulations of the visiting institution. They should focus on study and research during the program, regularly report their progress to their tutors and their school, faculty, or institute, and return to China on time. They shall report to their school, faculty, or institute within one week after the program (extended accordingly in case of national holidays or winter and summer breaks).

2 Participants must finish all the required approval and filing procedures (including the application for maintaining or recovering student status, see attachment 11) and participate in the pre-program instruction session.

3 Participants must purchase medical and other insurances required by the U.S. and the visiting institutions.

4 The first signature institution of research works obtained during the program must be Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with the statement: “The research/work/paper is funded by the Overseas Academic Program of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.”

5 Participants shall maintain domestic students’ treatment in China during the program.

6 Participants must submit the following materials (stapled together) within one month after returning to China:

 Applicants for financial support according to GDUFS Measures for Students Enrolling in High-level Overseas Academic Programs shall submit materials and apply for reimbursement according to article 24 of the Measures.

 Applicants for financial support according to Interim Measures for GDUFS Postgraduates Enrolling in Short-term Overseas Academic Programs or Attending International Academic Conference shall submit materials according to article 8 (5) of the Interim Measures. Reimbursement shall be applied by staff at the applicants' school, faculty, or institute at the GDUFS Finance Department after their approval of the applicants' concluding materials.

V Applicants are disqualified under the circumstances listed below, in which cases GDUFS remain the rights to cancel or recover sponsored fees and pursue legal liability:

1 Not participating in the applied program;

2 Breaking Chinese laws and regulations or GDUFS disciplines for overseas study during the program; 

3 Breaking laws and regulations of the country they study in, failing exams during the program, or failing to complete the program;

4 Returning to China before or after the approved returning date without approval, or visiting other countries or regions, and adding travel plans without approval. Participants who refuse to come back will have to return all the financial support;

5 Not submitting required materials after returning;

6 Having records of failed exams, re-enrollment of courses, or breaking laws, regulations or student conduct;

7 Conducting behavior of discredit identified by GDUFS or relevant government institutions after successful application and before returning to China;

8 Breaking the rules detailed in this document or in the program agreements.

VI Introduction to the Program

1 Introduction to Michigan State University (MSU)

Founded in 1855, Michigan State University (MSU) is a world-class public research university located in East Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A. In 2019, MSU ranked 90th in the U.S. News Rankings and 93rd in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, making it the 29th among public U.S. universities, known as a “public Ivy League” university. 25 MSU majors rank in the top 20 in the States. With more than 50,000 current students, MSU is one of the largest universities with the most complete discipline system in the States.

MSU Eli Broad College of Business ranks 1st in the nation for its supply chain management, top 20 for international finance and marketing, and has the second oldest School of Hospitality Business in the States. MSU College of Education ranks 1st in the States in education, 2nd in education management, and 5th in educational psychology. MSU ranks among top 4 in media and communication, including the world-class majors of international and multicultural communication, mass media, and interpersonal communication.

2 Program Time and Available Majors

 Program time: August 28, 2019 to December 14, 2019

 Majors in all of the following colleges are open to program participants:

l Eli Broad College of Business

l College of Law

l College of Arts & Letters

l College of Communication Arts & Sciences

l College of Engineering

l College of Natural Science

l College of Social Science

l James Madison College

3 Academic Requirements

 Credit Requirement: Postgraduates in the program must complete at least 9 credits.

 Course prerequisites: Overseas universities have prerequisites for certain courses (for example, students enrolled in Linear Algebra must have completed Advanced Mathematics as its prerequisite).  The prerequisite courses may be taken in China or overseas.

Since the curriculum in China has different names for certain courses than those in the U.S., in the case that a student chooses a course with a prerequisite and believes he or she has taken it in China only under a different course name, they should submit its course description in English to the visiting university in order to get enrolled.

 Course selection in different disciplines: US universities do not restrict students from taking courses in majors other than their own as long as the prerequisites are met. For example, biology students can choose music courses without prerequisites. However, they need to consider the credits they need for their own majors in GDUFS.

 Participants must finish the approval procedure of the Approval Form for the Selection of Overseas Postgraduate Courses (attachment 10-1). They need to complete the approval procedure of the Credit Transfer Application (attachment 10-2) after returning to China and submit the signed and sealed form to the Graduate School Training Department for filing.

 Course Selection Website Please choose courses approved by the school, faculty, or institute. Medical courses are not open for selection.

4 Tuition and Other Fees

The total cost of this program (9-credit courses) is approximately 9982 USD (about 67,000 RMB), including tuition, application fees, other fees, and medical insurance, excluding accommodation fees, living expenses and flight tickets.

MSU provides each program participant with an optional on-campus double apartment. All on-campus student accommodation includes an on-campus meal plan, the cost of which fully included in the total accommodation fee of approximately 7,600 USD. The actual cost shall be decided by the final announcement of the accommodation unit and the apartment type selected by the participant.

5 Registration Procedure at MSU

 GDUFS will inform selected students to submit required information to the MSU authorized selection management agency and fill in the online application form: Please choose “密歇根州立大学硕士研究生项目”. The admission and accommodation arrangement will be made in chronological order of the online submission.

 Candidates shall participate in interviews after the preliminary material review by MSU.

 Participants shall submit the formal application materials, pay the program fees, and leave for the program after obtaining the admission and U.S. visa.

 Deadline for online application: May 5, 2019 (applicants with a passport may apply first without proof for language proficiency and submit it later).


Time and location for the information session will be announced later.

Contact us: Chen and Hu (Tel: 36317190), Graduate School, GDUFS.


GDUFS Graduate School

Office of International Cooperation and Exchange

  April 10, 2019



1-1 Undergraduate Credit Conversion Standards

1-2 Postgraduate GPA Proof Document Sample

2 Interim Measures for GDUFS Postgraduates Enrolling in Short-term Overseas Academic Programs or Attending International Academic Conference

3 Selection Measures for GDUFS Postgraduate Overseas Academic Program Scholarship

4 GDUFS Measures for Students Enrolling in High-level Overseas Academic Programs 

5 GDUFS Application Form for Overseas Academic Programs for Postgraduate Students (to be filled in by the applicant)

6 List of GDUFS Postgraduate Students in Overseas Academic Programs (to be filled in by the school, faculty, or institute)

7 GDUFS Short-term Overseas Academic Program Agreement

8 Postgraduate Student Statement

9 Family statement

10-1 Approval Form for the Selection of Overseas Postgraduate Courses 

10-2 Credit Transfer Application Form for Overseas Academic Programs

11-1 Application Form for Postgraduates to Maintain Current Student Status or Admission Qualification

11-2 Application Form for Postgraduates to Recover Current Student Status or Admission Qualification

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