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Ms. Nazha Benabbes Taarji-Aschenbrenner delivered a lecture on FDI and sustainable investment

publisher:createtime: 2018-12-03


On December 2nd, 2018, Mrs. Nazha Benabbes Taarji-Aschenbrenner, director of AIM Congress, Senior Adviser on Investment Promotion and Facilitation, gave a lecture on promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) and achieving sustainable development in the Room 103 of the MBA No.9 Teaching Building, North Campus. During this lecture, Ms. Nazha introduced the definition, potential benefits and drawbacks of FDI, as well as the definition of sustainable development, which attracted full attention of attendees.


(all attendees)

In the first half of this lecture, Ms. Nazha gave an extremely detailed description, covering from the definition of FDI to benefits and drawbacks of FDI. She viewed FDI as the contributor to the growth of domestic capital, to add more employment and incomes, as well as an engine of economic growth in the long run. Besides, she also considered that FDI may have certain drawbacks, such as crowding out effects on domestic capital, unfair competition between foreign and domestic companies, the “market steel effect” as a result of the scant ability of absorption and so forth.

In the last half of this lecture, Ms. Nazha mainly shed light on the definition of sustainable development, and explained the United Nations 2016 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in detail, which covers lots of principles of sustainable development. And some of the critical questions from them that would be pay more attention are included as follows: what is the investor perspective on sustainable investment as opposed to the government perspective on sustainable investment and how to make FDI work for sustainable development? How can governments develop sustainable investment effectively and introduce collaborative approaches into international firms?



(A key introduction of sustainable development summit)

At the end of the lecture, she concluded that, to make FDI work for sustainable development, adaption of series of strategies and regulations which promote sustainable investment are enforced, such as those already developed by international bodies. And this will allow long term growth patterns and would lead to inclusive growth.


(A significant conclusion for this lecture)

Finally, the attendees benefited a lot from this lecture presented by Ms. Nazha, and they also come up with some questions to her. During each part of the lecture, several questions were put forward by the attendees and Mrs. Nazha answered them very patiently. And the lecture ended with a round of applause. 


(Attendees interacted with Ms. Nazha)


Lecturer's profile:

Nazha Benabbes Taarji-Aschenbrenner is an international public policy adviser on foreign direct investment (FDI), investment promotion, business facilitation and economic development. After more than thirty years of international career at the United Nations, she retired in March 2012 as Director of the Investment Capacity Building Branch at the Investment & Enterprise Division of UNCTAD.

She graduated from the University of Nice, France, and studied at the International Research Institute at Johns Hopkins University. She joined the United Nations in 1981 and worked in the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs with dual citizenship in Morocco and Austria. Ms. Nazha was the Head of Corporate Development at the Investment and Corporate Division from March 2007 to June 2009.

During her tenure, she provided policy advice to the government to help developing countries develop strategies, work with local institutions, encourage entrepreneurs in developing countries to innovate and grow, especially promote SME preferential policies, and strengthen existing business links between local SMEs and multinational companies.




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