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The Basketball Team of MBA, GDUFS Got Another Good Grades in the 4th South China EMBA & MBA Basketball Association

publisher:createtime: 2018-12-28

On November 25, 2018, the 4th South China EMBA & MBA Basketball Association came to a successful ending and the basketball team of MBA, GDUFS won the fourth prize. The whole basketball series was filled with ups and downs since competition among teams was so fierce that nobody could predict which two teams can be picked out until the end of the last basketball match.    

Though facing some excellent teams in the same group from Jinan University, Sun Yat-sen Business School and Lingnan College, the basketball team of MBA, GDUFS tried their best to win every match and finally entered the top 4 with less losing point rate under the circumstance that we got the same points with two teams from Sun Yat-sen University.


Group photo

The whole basketball series was really tough. We were defeated in the first match against Sun Yat-sen Business School, which was an important factor for uncertain qualification in the group round robin. What’s worse, some players got injured when fighting against the team from Jinan University, making the next matches gloomier.

However, as a saying goes that “A man won’t leave the front line with minor wound”, all the players were striving so hard till the last match with their crash on basketball and the sense of group honor. In the final battle against Guangdong University of Technology for the third prize, we were defeated by just two points. What a pity! However, all the players have presented their spirits, which must motivate you if you were on the spot.       



Wonderful performance of players

At present, players in the team consist of students and alumni. Moreover, every week quite a few players gather together from different cities to take part in the basketball match or to support the team. It can’t be achieved without the support and love for basketball and MBA, GDUFS. The basketball association has gone far beyond a simple match into a platform and media to make more friends, to cultivate relationship among junior and senior players and to inherit the sportsmanship of MBA, GDUFS.

Though the grade is inferior to that of last year, the overall strength of the basketball team has improved. With new players joining in and experienced players keeping improving, both team spirit and teamwork have improved a lot. Moreover, every school expressed their wish to play with the team from GDUFS again after the match. Our bearing and skill were appraised by the fraternal universities. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that the our basketball team will have better performance and make greater achievements in the next year. May every team member work harder to break a new record!


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