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GDUFS MBA Student Team Won the Bronze Award in the 2018 China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition

publisher:createtime: 2018-06-18

     The 2018 China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition MBA Special Competition and Information Economy Special Competition took place in Zhejiang Normal University from July 12th to 15th, 2018. Taking part in the MBA Special Competition were the representatives from over 100 reputable universities and colleges nationwide. Among them, GDUFS MBA student team made up of Chen Jingwen, Chen Sisi, and Gao Songbo, won the Bronze Award with their entrepreneurship project “Beauty Fit Image Magic Mirror”. Thanks to their efforts, GUDFS became the one and only university in Guangdong to have received an award for a nationwide MBA Special Competition.



GDUFS MBA students took a group photo outside the competition venue.

The 2018 China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition was co-sponsored by Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, China Association for Science and Technology, All-China Students’ Federation, and the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government. It was organized by Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Jinhua Municipal People's Government and Zhejiang Normal University. As the first China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition since the 19th CPC National Congress, this competition, focusing on “Innovation for a New Era”, built up a platform to discover, train and select talents and further boosted “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. 


The Group Photo of GDUFS MBA Students

    The Competition was initiated in April this year. According to the Organization Committee, there were more than 900 entries from 355 universities and colleges nationwide, but only 100 MBA entrepreneurship projects from 25 provinces, direct-controlled municipalities, and autonomous regions entered the national final.

The “Beauty Fit Image Magic Mirror” project presented by the GDUFS MBA student team made it all the way to the final round. Combining fashion and AI technology, the team members imbedded the one-on-one image management science and technology into the Magic Mirror which can therefore provide 600 customized ways of clothes matching for females and 240 for males. The product will not only meet the requirement of the fashion industry transformation under the circumstances of new retailing, but will also fully increase one’s self-confidence in image management. The entire project displays the advantages of GDUFS MBA program—the “Global Vision” and the “SMILE values”.



Introduction to GDUFS MBA Student Team

     During the competition, GDUFS MBA students received assistance and care from Secretary of GDUFS Youth League Committee Su Yi, and CPC Deputy Secretary Luo Haiyang. In addition, under the guidance of Associate Professor Zeng Yuran and the head teacher of GDUFS Youth League Committee Wu Yi, the students improved their business proposal and presentation PPT, as well as their preparation for the road show, the project demonstration and the Q & A Session.



The Group Photo of the GDUFS MBA Students and Their Teacher

     Although the project is still in the seed stage and has not won higher awards like those already implemented, bringing actual profits and winning the Gold and Silver Awards, the competition judges have spoken highly of the potential of the project presented by GDUFS MBA students. This Bronze Award well reveals the excellent results of GDUFS MBA talent training for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the educational achievements of the Silk-Road Entrepreneurship Education Network Guangzhou Platform Settled in GDUFS.



The Award Certificate

Attachment: 2018 China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition—Introduction to the Entrepreneurship Team



Introduction to the GDUFS MBA Student Team




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