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Set out again, GDUFS MBA– Public Activity of Dreams Building and Smile Home

publisher:createtime: 2018-06-01

On May 30th, 2018, in response to the call of the MBA Federation, GDUFS MBA held a public activity of Dreams Building and Smile Homes, leading a team of international volunteers to Dukeng Primary School and Sanhu Primary School in Longcun Town, the southernmost part of Wuhua County, Meizhou City. We enjoyed a pleasant Childrens Day together with children in advance. The two schools lie in the remote mountainous area of national poverty-stricken counties, an Old Revolutionary Base Area, where there live poor families, low-income families and poverty-alleviation families. 0f over 150 pupils in Dukeng Primary School and over 120 pupils in Sanhu Primary School, 90% are left-behind children.

This activity was greatly supported by teachers, students and schoolfellows from GUDFS MBA. The fund-raising was made public and all donations were used to purchase sport goods and Childrens Days gifts for teachers and students of the two schools according to donators will.




On the day of the activity, the volunteers gathered early at the entrance of the MBA center, preparing, allocating and packaging all sorts of donations in advance. After more than four-hour driving, we arrived at the first stop, Dukeng Primary School. Even before we got off the bus, we, through the window, saw children happily rushing out of the classrooms to welcome us.


International students taking pictures with children happily

In order to accompany these children better, we prepared a series of outdoor warm-up activities and indoor interactive games. Through outdoor games of relay races and rope jumping, children unconsciously integrated with volunteers, without shy and timid.




About indoor activities, we made origami and play educational magic ruler together with children so that they could fully show their imagination and hands-on ability. When we left, they gave us their home-grown fruits prepared in advance, and we were deeply touched by their simple and sincere expressions.



Later, we came to Sanhu Primary School. The principal warmly received us and introduced in details to us the current situation of the school. Meanwhile, he expressed gratitude to GDUFS MBA for its continuous care for left-behind children in Dukeng Primary School and Sanhu Primary School for the last seven years. With the help of the principal and teachers, we played outdoor fun activities with children on the playground.




During the part of indoor interactive activities, children, under the guidance of volunteers, opened their hearts to speak out loud their dreams, expressing their aspirations and desire for the outside world. Everyone’s small efforts made them feel different joy, which also made us feel it worthy of giving our love to them.



After a short period of time, we left in the reluctant eyes of those children who saw us off. We sincerely hope that children's smiles will always be as bright as the sun, and that they will go forward with their dreams!\



This public activity for the care of left-behind children is a kind of inheritance and more of belief. It upholds the “SMILE” concept of GDUFS MBA, gathering strength, conveying warmth with our hands and fostering harmony with love. At the same time, it also advocates people from all walks of life to light up the lights in hearts of left-behind children with love. GDUFS MBA will pass on this love and allow more people to participate in. We will take practical actions to encourage left-behind children to be proactive, and compete for outstanding talents, and guide them to establish a correct world view, outlook on life, and values. We will help them to solve their difficulties in life, their confusion in learning, and their growing pains, making them truly feel the care from the society.





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