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Exchanges of Experiences between GDUFS MBA Center and Hainan University MBA Center

publisher:createtime: 2017-09-07

      On September 5, 2017, a delegation from Hainan University visited GDUFS MBA Center. Among the delegation members, there were: Pro. Li Shijie, Associate Dean of School of Economics and Management and Director of MBA Center, Associate Pro. Wang Xiaoyun, Executive Director of MBA Center, Associate Pro. Zhao Da, a professional teacher of MBA Center, and Wang Aihua, a professional teacher of MBA Center. Liang Jie, Associate Dean of GDUFS MBA Center, Associate Pro. Wang Gang, Director of MBA Center, and Lin Fengfeng, Head of the Recruitment Department, welcomed the delegation sincerely.

The two parties have exchanged ideas on several issues, such as the procedures and operations of the advance-interview part for the recruitment, the impact of  advance-interview towards the formation structure of the students, construction of the curriculum echelon and international accreditation and so on and so forth. They communicated with and learned from each other in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere.

After the meeting, the two parties took a group photo at the MBA Center of School of Business of GDUFS.




MBA Education Center, SOB, GDUFS

September 7, 2017

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