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SMILE NIGHT Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of MBA Education Center, School of Business, GDUFS

publisher:createtime: 2018-01-02

In September 2004Guangdong University of Foreign Studies made a decision to establish a management and coordination institution in preparation for the MBA class led by the then Vice President, Sui Guangjun and participated by the leaders from International Exchange Department and Graduate Department. In June 2007, the MBA Educational center of GUFS was found. It has been 10 years since its first enrollment in spring of 2008, during which it  experienced 3 periods—MBA Educational Center of GDUFS  from June 2007 to August 2012, school of MBA of GDUFS from September 2012 to August 2014, and MBA Education Center of SOB of GDUFS since September 2014. Over the past 10 years, the most excellent teachers and high-quality educational resources gathered here to build an international faculty team. The educational center has proactively attracted a diversity of students overseas. With a commitment to building the international brand of MBA, it has educated more than a thousand top managerial and administrative talents who are playing an increasingly important role in the innovation and development of all walks of life around the world.

2017 marked the 10th anniversary of MBA Education Center, School of Business, GDUFS, and the celebration party, SMILE Night, was co-held by its Alumni Association and the MBA union on 23rd December. On this very day, alumni of MBA donated a SMILE Stone to express their approval and commitment to the values of SMILE—social responsibility, mutual respect, integrity, learning by doing, and enthusiasm, and the unveiling ceremony took place in the afternoon. The vice president, He Chuantian, expressed his thanks for those alumni’s efforts and donation in his opening speech. He said that the unveiling ceremony signaled the spirit and values of the faculty and students of MBA center. He hoped that with the school motto of moral integrity, exemplary behavior, and conversance with both Eastern and Western learning in their heart, they could cast an eye in students’ personality and humanistic spirit while urging ahead with professional education. In pursuit of virtue and supreme good and with a focus on action and practice, they are determined to cultivate international management talents with global vision and eastern wisdom.


 The Unveiling Ceremony of SMILE


In the evening at the Kaixuan hall of Guangzhou Mingquan Ju, SMILE NIGHT, as well as the Award Ceremony of the First MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition for foreign studies and trade schools was held. He Chuantian, member of the standing committee of the communist party of China and the vice president of GDUFS, Xie xiaoguang ,the secretary of the Alumni Association of GDUFS, Huang Lei ,the former Executive director of MBA center, Sun Jianjun, the former director of MBA Center, Sun Xiaoqin, the former Dean of MBA center, Zhu Wenzhong, the Dean of SOB, Li Hua, the secretary of party committee of SOB, Yuan Denghua, Liang jie, Qiu Weinian, Ding Hao, the Vice Deans of SOB, Luo Haiyang, Deputy Secretary of CPC of SOB, Wang Gang,the Director of MBA Educational Center, teachers and students of MBA, the representatives of the MBA Union of China and of Southern Area in China, representatives from sister colleges like Beijing International Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University and so on, the strategic partners of MBA Education Center, School of Business, GDUFS attended the grand meeting together with more than 400 alumni.



 He Chuantian Delivered a Speech


He Chuantian, the Vice President of GDUFS, gave a speech in applause. He said, over the past 10 years the Alumni Association of MBA has held a variety of meaningful and high-level activities to strengthen the bond between the alumni and GDUFSthe connection among graduated students, and the faster and better development of GDUFS. In the past decade, those innovative alumni, with industry and application, have made a great contribution to our country by their remarkable achievement in all lines of life. He continued, during the previous 10 years, GDUFS has enjoyed the fastest and high-quality development. With positioning accuracy, distinctive international features, and a commitment to English emersion education, it has stood out in the extremely competitive market and built an excellent brand and reputation in Southern area of China. All of these are indispensible from the alumni’s support, and he wished a bright future for both GDUFS and its MBA Educational Center, and a successful career for graduated students.

Zhu Wenzhong, the Dean of SOB, delivered an English speech. He said, under the former Dean, Prof. He Chuantian’s leadership, MBA Educational Center had achieved a remarkable development in education. The MBA education in GDUFS fulfilled the core values of SMILE and received the AMBA accreditation certificate in 2015, becoming No. 26 in China and No. 225 in the world as an AMBA-accredited business school and ranking the fourth in universities with MBA program in Guangdong Province. Those fruitful results came from the relentless endeavors of every leader, every teacher and every student involved. He extended sincere thanks to Prof. Sui Guangjun for his leadership, concern and support which played an fundamental part in the establishment and development of MBA program, Prof. He Chuantian who led us to AMBA accreditation certificate, and other leaders and colleagues such as Huang Lei, Sun Jianjun, Sun Xiaoqin, Xu Zhichao for being supportive and helpful. Prof. Zhu promised that they would continue to promote construction through teaching evaluation and inject more energy into education. Under the support and efforts of all the teachers and students, we will become stronger and better, and a brighter future is on horizon for the MBA education and the SOB of GDUFS.



 Zhu Wenzhong Delivered a Speech


Huang Lei, the former and also the first Executive Director, expressed the thrill of attending this banquet in English. As one of the members who established the MBA Educational Center of GDUFS, he always has an attachment to the center. In his opinion, English emersion education, for what GDUFS is known by others, is the core competitiveness and strength of MBA Education Center, GDUFS. He read his own poetry Mu Jia Lan Man complimented with background music, which looks back on the growth process and core values of MBA Educational Center and expresses the hope that the faculty and students could pass those values and spirits down from generation to generation. The emotional reading by Mr.Huang combined both Chinese and western elements and won enthusiastic applause and cheers.

Sun Jianjun, the former Director of MBA center, sighed with emotion that the past decade flied away before you could blink. He said, “the choice of MBA actually is a Choice of practice, and it’s not done yet. No matter how time changes, no matter where we work, we should always be faithful, responsible, have a global vision and also pay attention to details. All the work requires carefulness, sincerity, and love. Once we follow this throughout our work, all these experiences will turn into our fortune and all the efforts will be paid back in a way that we can never imagine.” At last, he sincerely wished a better development for MBA in GDUFS.

Sun Xiaoqin, the former Dean of MBA Center, said she valued this platform very much and felt grateful for it. She had tried so hard with her colleagues to cultivate entrepreneurs but ended up in herself switching to the business world. However, her heart has never been separated from the MBA center. She did loads of good things in her own company to maintain and strengthen the connection between her and GDUFS, which were driven by the values of SMILE.

At last, the president of Alumni Association Jiang Fuquan delivered his address. He believed that however the time changed, the time the students and teachers spent here would be a lifelong fortune for them. He said the decade was a milestone. Over the decade, it has achieved fruitful results. He believed that with the development of MBA in GDUFS, the SMILE values would become more meaningful as a cultural heritage, for which MBA in GDUFS would be known and by which generations of MBA students in GDUFS would be encouraged.



Huang Lei, Sun Jianjun, Sun Xiaoqin, Jiang Fuquan Made Speeches


Then, the Secretary of the Party Committee Li Hua issued the appointment letters to Wang Jinghong and Gong Yuchuan to hire them as the Honorary Presidents of the Alumni Association. Li Hua, on behalf of the Business School received the silk banner given by Zhong Qingle, the Vice President of Dukang Prelimilary School in Meizhou City. The Director of the MBA Educational Center of GDUFS, Wang Gang, the Director of the MBA Educational Center of Shanghai International Studies University and the MBA Educational Center of Beijing International Studies University awarded the prize to the final winners. Shi Quan Shi Mei by delegation from GDUFS won the First Prize. Cha Yu Fan Hou by delegation from Beijing International Studies University and STEAM Education by delegation from GDUFS won the Second Prize. Cross-border E-commerce by delegation from GDUFS, Enjoying Retirement in Nature by delegation from Shanghai International Universities and Green Campsite by delegation from Beijing International Studies University won the Third Prize. Standing Out in International Platform, Chinese Culture Output, Guo Guo Le, Signal Wall, Born to Be a Dancer, Online Tailored Products and Services in Times of Internet gained the Winning Prize. Colorful Time took the Best Popularity Prize, Le Bo Business won the Best Display Prize, and Ants in The Tree won the Innovation Prize. The First MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition for foreign studies and trade schools was co-held by GDUFS, BISU, and SISU, and the final was hosted by GDUFS.



 Prize Presentation


The Dean Zhu Wenzhong, Vice Dean Yuan Denghua, Liang Jie issued course-completion certificate to the students in MBA training class. The training class was co-created by the union of GDUFS entrepreneurs and the business school to maximize the characteristics of MBA center in GDUFS to better meet the needs of high-level management personnel. Through the cooperation and mutual learning between the school and enterprises, we could reach a win-win situation.



 Zhu Wenzhong Issued Course-completion Certificate


This banquet was co-held by the Alumni Association of MBA and MBA Union, and received solid support from the alumni, their companies and friendly units.



 In the Banquet



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