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The School of Business Successfully Holds the 2017 Opening Ceremony for the MBA Program

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               On July 15th, 2017, the opening ceremony of the MBA program was held at Room 103 of the MBA Education Center at No.9 Teaching Building. 135 students (22 international students who already enrolled not included) who were admitted in the autumn gathered together to start their 2 to 3 years of learning to emerge as future business leaders. Each and every one of them was attracted by the teaching philosophy of “global vision, English instruction”. After receiving AMBA accreditation, the School of Business, with its distinctive features, became the choice of more students. On this day, faculties attended this ceremony were as follows: Jiao Fangtai, Vice President of university, Zhu Wenzhong, Dean of School of Business, Zhao Chen, Associate Dean of Graduate School, Yuan Denghua, Liang Jie, and Qiu Weinian, Associate Deans of School of Business, Xu Yiqing, office director of School of Business, Wang Gang, director of the MBA Education Center, Li Aiting, Lin Fengfeng, Liang Yan, and Zhang Manling, faculties of MBA program and Zhang Wubao, a professor. The opening ceremony was presided over by Wang Gang.



Pic.1 Wang Gang, director of the MBA Education Center, was presiding over the ceremony


               At the beginning of the ceremony, all stood up to sing the university anthem of GDUFS, exploring the rich culture of the university.


 Pic.2 All stood up to sing the university anthem


Jiao Fangtai, the Vice President of GDUFS, said it was on the tenth anniversary of the founding of the MBA program that the new students of 2017 were received. On behalf of the school and all faculties of GDUFS, he expressed welcome to all of them. He introduced the history of GDUFS, the School of Business and the MBA program, and its school-running characteristics, namely the “global vision, English instruction”. With the internationalization of the university and high quality teaching, the students will be provided with a fairly broad platform. The MBA program of the School of Business aims to cultivate international high-calibre business talents. After graduation, the students will be able to not only work, but also start up businesses on a global scale. At the end, the Vice President wished them to have fruitful years at the school and brilliant careers in the future.


 Pic.3 Jiao Fangtai, the Vice President, was giving a speech


Zhao Chen, Associate Dean of Graduate School also attended this ceremony. He spoke highly of the newcomers and made three requirements for them: first, study hard and hold fast onto their dreams; second, treat themselves well and live a full life; third, treat others well and be thankful for their friends and professors. His witty speech gained rounds of applause from the students.



Pic.4 Zhao Chen, Associate Dean of Graduate School, was giving a speech


Then, Zhu Wenzhong, Dean of School of Business gave a speech in English. He pointed out that the MBA program of the School of Business received AMBA accreditation in 2015, that made the School of Business of GDUFS the 25th AMBA accredited school in China, and the 4th in Guangzhou. He then explained the “SMILE” values of the MBA Education Center to the students, namely Social Responsibility, Mutual Respect, Integrity, Learning by Doing and Entrepreneurship, hoping them to follow these values and become high-calibre management talents of integrity, practice and cross-cultural learning.


 Pic.5 Zhu Wenzhong, Dean of School of Business, was giving a speech


Professor Zhang Wubao extended his congratulation to these students. He underlined the importance of international language as a communication media in this globalized world, especially the international business English. He suggested that the students must be equipped with the capability of using international business English so as to become future management talents. He put forward two requirements for students. First, be a great person. That means the fine cultural traditions of China, such as gratitude and honesty need to be carried forward. Second, do great things. The students shall never tell lies or deceive people, avoid temptations and stay true to their original intentions.


 Pic.6 Professor Zhang Wubao was giving a speech


On behalf of the new students, Li Yanyu shared his thoughts on why he wanted to study the MBA program at GDUFS. There were three reasons: cultural capital, thinking model and choice. He graduated from GDUFS with a bachelor degree, and it was GDUFS that cultivated him as a practical talent. Now, he is a middle-level manager at an enterprise. When he decided to improve his knowledge and capabilities, the Alma Mater just came to his mind. That’s why he chose to return to the university to receive English immersion education in order to improve himself.


 Pic.7 Li Yanyu was giving a speech 


After the opening ceremony, all took a photo in front of the MBA Education Center.


 Pic.8 the group photo


On the afternoon of 15th, ice-breaking activities were organized to familiarize the students with the university and each other. The activities were designed by the Student Union, with games like team flag designing, idiom solitaire, and orienteering. Everyone was passionate and active to join in the games, and these allowed them to bond with each other.



Pic.9 Wen Yuan, President of the Student Union, was introducing the organization



 Pic.10 students were playing a group game


 Pic.11 students were displaying the flag, name, and song of their teams


 Pic.12 on-campus orienteering


On July 16th, all the new students gathered in Guangdong Youth Vocational College to participate in outdoor activities.


 Pic.13 warm-up


 Pic.14 group display


 Pic.15 students were playing a group game


 Pic.16 students were playing a drum game



Pic.17 a group game called “challenging the Noah’s Ark”


 Pic.18 a team review


 Pic.19 a group photo of outdoor training


With two days spent on getting to know the environment of the university, the students will then prepare for a marketing competition, practicing the value of “learning by doing”.

The MBA program of the School of Business at GDUFS welcomes all who wish to join us. For more information, please visit the official website of the program:


MBA Education Center of School of Business

July 19th, 2017


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