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The 9th General Election of the MBA Union of School of Business, GDUFS, Successfully Held

publisher:createtime: 2018-03-18

The 9th general election of the MBA Union of School of Business, GDUFS, was held in Room 103 of No. 9 Teaching Building on March 17, 2018.

Deputy Dean of School of Business Yuan Denghua, Deputy Dean Ding Hao, Deputy Party Secretary Luo Haiyang, Director of the MBA center Wang Gang, teachers of the MBA center Yu Qianqian, Li Aiting, Yuan Ying and Hong Yan, the presidium of the 8th session of the MBA Union, and student representatives, attended the meeting.

The election was hosted by Lin Wozan, vice president of the last session of the Union. Director Wang Gang delivered an opening speech. 10 candidates from grades 2016 and 2017 delivered their campaign speeches in turn, introducing their election grounds, advantages and administrative programs.

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Lin Wozan hosting the general election

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Director Wang Gang delivering a speech

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Some of the candidates delivering speeches

Subsequently, the voting and vote-counting were progressed in the spirit of fairness, justice and openness. After the jury’s discussion of the voting results, Deputy Party Secretary Luo Haiyang announced the presidium of the 9th session of the MBA Union: Jiang Di, Chen Jingwen, Zeng Haorong, Chen Huahui, Li Yanyu, Zhu Wenting, Liu Na and Alisher.

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Deputy Party Secretary Luo Haiyang making the announcement

Finally, Deputy Dean Yuan Denghua delivered a speech. First of all, he congratulated the presidium of the 9th session of the MBA Union, and hoped that they can continue to carry out the traditional projects with GDUFS characteristics, and at the same time, gradually promote new projects. For example, the Union should organize competitions of school-levels and actively participate in activities organized by MBA Union of China so as to promote exchanges among the MBA Union members of colleges and universities, improve the construction and expand the influence of our MBA. Meanwhile, he hoped that they can devote themselves to building the brand of our MBA by providing organizing and servicing work under the guidance of the center and the teachers, so as to help our MBA make more achievements.

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Deputy Dean Yuan Denghua delivering a speech

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