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A Series of Activities to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Guangwai MBA Center of School of Business: the Seventh Mountain Climbing Festival End Successfully

publisher:createtime: 2017-11-06

At around 1 pm on November 6th, the Seventh Mountain Climbing Festival of Guangwai MBA Center of School of Business kicked off at the MBA Center in North Campus. MBA Center invited not only teachers and students and alumni, but also members of the MBA Union of China in Southern Area and MBA students from universities in Guangzhou and members of Southern China Purchasing Salon to participate this event. Xu Zhichao, Party Secretary of the School of Business, Zhu Wenzhong, Executive Dean of the School of Business, Yuan Denghua, Vice Dean of the School of Business, Luo Haiyang, Deputy Party Secretary of the School of Business, Wang Gang, Director of MBA Center, teachers of the MBA Center Zhang Manling, Liang Yan, Sun Jike, Hong Yan and Feng Ran attended the event.


   Zhu Wenzhong, Executive Dean of the School of Business delievered a speech on the opening ceremony. In his speech, he pointed out that the Mountain Climbing Festival of this year was even more meaningful since it was the beginning of the series of activities to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the MBA Center. After Xu Zhichao, Party Secretary of the School of Business announced the open of the activity, each team captain took the flag from Xu, and nearly 100 climbers waved the flags, shouted in cheers and headed towards Baiyun Mountain. The activity was strongly supported by enterprises and public institution such as Royal Brunei Airlines, Siemens, Guangzhou Jinpeilin Plastics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Qiande Electronic Co., Ltd., Shark Sport Watch, RIC Life Hong Kong, Hakka Restaurant, Baiyun Mountain Administration Bureau.

The annual Mountain Climbing Festival offered good opportunities for students from different walks of life to communicate. This year, there was an added activity called "Yunshan stroll" to allow those who do not participate in the competition to ramble in Baiyun Mountain and enjoy a slow life. Adhering to the SMILE value, each team had prepared themselves cleaning bags to protect the environment of Baiyun Mountain. Climbers started from MBA Center with the final goal of the Peak Park. The Organizing Committee prepared game passes like rope skipping and shuttlecock kicking at the Pearl Plaza and Baiyun Songtao where the climbers would pass by. At each pass, all members of the group must gather up and completed the customs clearance before they were allowed to pass. The climbers advanced bravely and encouraged each other on their way. Laughter could be heard everywhere on the foot of Baiyun Mountain.

Finally, the first prize went to the Leye Team, Grade14 consisted of Class C, D, and the second place was won by Leverl18 Team from Grade 16 Class B, and the third prize went to students from Grade 16 Class D. After the award ceremony was the exciting lucky draw. Students all beamed with smile and spoke highly of the activity, through which they could not only get in touch with the information by communicating with different people from all walks of lives, but also take some exercises and relax their minds. They all expressed their wish to actively participate in the activities of Guangwai MBA Center in the future.


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