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The Mobile Classroom of “Marketing Management” for Class 2016C - A “Smooth as Silk” Trip to THAI

publisher:createtime: 2017-05-12

   On May 12, 2017, representatives of Class 2016C’s learning group and associate professor Du Yuping from the MBA Education Center in School of Business, GDUFS, invited by Thai Airways International Public Co., Ltd. (referred to as THAI), discussed with THAI on issues of brand marketing, such as how to further publicize the brand of THAI in Chinese market so that more customers can be familiar with and accept it.

    The teacher and students were warmly welcomed by Lian Guoqi, General Manager of THAI in South China. General Manager Lian also introduced them to Consul General of Royal Thai Consulate-General in Guangzhou, who were exchanging work at the office right now. The Consul General warmly welcomed them and appreciated for their coming. Afterwards, General Manager Lian introduced the history of THAI in Chinese market and its current situation of brand marketing.

                       (Pictures 1-2: THAI’s meticulous service is reflected in the details)



                               (Pictures 3-4: Records of THAI’s activities)


Subsequently, General Manager Lian brought forward the discussion topic: Although THAI is a well-known international brand and pays attention to Chinese market, it receives low recognition in the Chinese market, especially in Guangdong Province. In the process of developing new customers, it was “rejected” frequently with the reason that “we have never cooperated with you”. In Lian’s mind, “have never cooperated” does not mean “cannot cooperate”. Therefore, THAI hoped that the crucial reason could be found through this discussion.

To better understand the problem THAI was faced with, the students inquired from the following aspects: the operating conditions of THAI’s main routes to China, the comparison with other major competitors, maintenance of customer relationship, sales channels, and methods of promotion and publicity. THAI’s marketing personnel Annie answered them one by one, and focused on introducing the operating conditions of THAI’s main routes to China, including the timetable, aircraft type, space distribution and revenue load factor; successful/unsuccessful cases with cooperators; sales channels; and the constraints of using new media and e-commerce.

Based on the latest information perceived at the scene, and combined with the learned knowledge of marketing management, as well as their own work experience, the students put forward several directions for THAI, such as “enhancing e-commerce level”, “making clear the target customers”, and “enriching the promotion means”, which were approved by THAI.


(Picture 5: Discussion)

By the end of the discussion, General Manager Lian recalled an interview with a CEO from a renowned enterprise that he had watched, from which he hoped that the discussion could be an opportunity for students to practice and progress. He encouraged the students to play potential and free minds, so as to accumulate more marketing experience and become as successful as that young CEO.

The discussion lasted for over three hours. At the end, the teacher and students from the Education Center, GDUFS, thanked Thai’s hospitality and exchanged contact information for further and in-depth understanding of THAI.



Picture 6: Representatives of teachers and students from the MBA Education Center, GDUFS, and staff of THAI)


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