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Entrepreneurship Salon - Alumni Interview

publisher:createtime: 2017-06-04

On June 4th, organized by Guangwai MBA Federation, part of the Grade14 and Grade15 students conducted a visit and interview of Entrepreneurship Salon outside the campus. This interviewee was Guangzhou Earth's Best Trading Co., Ltd, which was founded by the Class 12 alumnus Jiang Fuquan. The company was mainly engaged in food import businesses. It had acted on behalf of well-known foreign brands of children's food at home and abroad only in its start-ups. Not only that, with abundant experience in cross-border e-commerce imports, it had stationed up in domestic famous cross-border e-commerce business platforms for sales.

During the interview, participants held a heated discussed on topics such as the entrepreneurial environment, cross-border e-commerce, team building, and trade environment. At the same time, they also discussed the current business model and development difficulties of cross-border e-commerce in depth. Some students also pointed out that the current entrepreneurship was facing fierce competition as well as rapidly changing environment. The entrepreneurial team should acquire a unique vision, but also master good adaptability. Moreover, cost control also posed many challenges for entrepreneurs. Among so many questions, Jiang Fuquan alumnus all answered one by one.

After a morning of discussions and exchanges, the participants shared their views of their industries and work environment, and also exchanged experience in management. In the future, the Federation will launch similar entrepreneurship interviews and alumni visits in order to allow students and former alumni to have a close contact and more opportunities to hold dialogues.


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