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?The Graduation Dinner for Class 2017 of MBA Center and the Transition of the Third Alumni Council of MBA are Sucessfully Held

publisher:createtime: 2017-06-22


On the night of June 21st, Graduation Dinner for Class 2017 and the General Election of the Third Alumni Council of MBA Center of the School of Business of GDUFS were held at Oriental Resort Hotel. Zhu Wenzhong, Dean of the School of Business, Party Secretary Zhi Xiucong, Vice Dean Yuan Denghua, Liang Jie, Qiu Weinian, Deputy Party Secretary Luo Haiyang, Director of the MBA center Wang Gang, Deputy Secretary General of GDUFS Alumni Association Bi Jianyong, teachers and staff of MBA, graduated alumni, student representatives in reading gathered joyfully with 2017 graduates at the time of departure to memorize the past and dream about the future.

Speech by Dean Zhu Wenzhong

Vice Dean Yuan Denghua Awards Excellent Graduates

The Graduation Dinner was unveiled with videos produced by each graduating class. Every moment of study and life at Guangwai MBA was still vivid in every graduate's mind. The atmosphere of the dinner also became enjoyable. Later, Zhu Wenzhong, Dean of the School of Business expressed his sincere congratulations and earnest anticipation for the MBA graduates in fluent English. The humorous speech won an around of applause and cheers from the audience. Then, Vice Dean Yuan Denghua presented certificates for outstanding graduates in recognition of their excellent performances during the study in Guangwai MBA. Graduate Li Xikun, on behalf of all the graduates, presented commemorative gifts to the MBA Center to express of deep gratitude and attachment of the graduates to Guangwai MBA.

Graduate Representative Presenting a Commemorative Gift

Graduates Give Flowers to the Teacher

On this rare occasion, in the witness of the university and school leaders and teachers, MBA alumni and students, the general election of the Third Alumni Council of MBA of School of Business was held ceremoniously. MBA Alumni Association of School of Business GDUFS was founded in 2010, a non-profit association organized by Guangwai MBA alumni voluntarily, which was approved by the university, run and managed by the students spontaneously. Guangwai MBA Alumni Association aimed to promote the core values of SMILE by building a communication platform for elites from all walks of life to reach common development. Guangwai MBA Alumni Association adheres to the harmonious integration, resource sharing, sincerity and solidarity, authentic interaction, selfless dedication, effective and pragmatic work principle. The Association was committed to become the bridge for permanent connection between the students, students and the school, the students and the society and the tie to mutual acquaintance and help, the platform for lifetime learning and exchanges. The Alumni Council was the deliberative body of MBA Alumni Association. A new Alumni Council was elected in the warm applause after the alumni at present voted for the Third Alumni Council candidates. The newly-elected Secretary General of the Alumni Council Xu Meihua, on behalf of the new council, delivered a speech. Deputy Secretary General of the Alumni Association of GDUFS Mr. Bi Jianyong sent wished to the new Alumni Council.

MBA Center teacher Zhang Manling Hosts the Alumni Council Election

Speech by New Alumni Council Secretary General Xu Meihua

Speech by Deputy Secretary General of Alumni Association Bi Jianyong

After the election of the Alumni Council, the graduation dinner started and graduates and teacher put on performances which they prepared carefully. They all fully exhibited strength with singing and dancing. During the dinner, the graduates presented flowers and commemorative gifts to all the teachers present, bringing the atmosphere of the dinner to a climax.

Hosts Huang Feng, Ma Yingxia

Teacher Wu Yiming and Huang Lei Chorus "Please Come with Me."(《请跟我来》)

Teacher Wang Xin and Student Liang Yan from Class 14D Singing "Chengdu"(《成都》)

Class 13A Choir “The Story of the Time.”(《光阴的故事》)


Class 13A Yang Weilin and Qiu Shuhong Chorus "Liangliang"(《凉凉》)

Class 14D Choir "Song of the Wild Goose"(《大雁之歌》)

"Three Fronts" from Class 14D Chorus "My Good Brother"(《我的好兄弟》)

Class14D Li Sha Guitar Singing "Summer that Year"(《那年夏天》)

Graduation is not an end, it is a new beginning. Congratulations to all Guangwai MBA graduates finishing their study and wish them to pursue the SMILE Value that MBA advocates, to shoulder social responsibility, to learn about mutual respect, to uphold integrity and keep the unity of theory and practice, to be enterprising, and finally to become an international management talent!

                  Chorus "Tomorrow Will be Better" by All(《明天会更好》)

Attached: List of Members of the Third Alumni Council of MBA Centre, School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies:

Chairman: (1 person)

Jiang Fuquan: Class 2012C, Vice President of Guangzhou Earth's Best Trading Co., Ltd

Secretary General (1 person)

Xu Meihua: Class 2012B, General Manager Guangzhou Lien Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Vice Chairman (5 persons)

1, Yang Yujin: Class 2010C, General Manager of Yangguang Technical Services (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.

2, Lin Lili: Class 2011B, Comprehensive Financial Client Manager/ Financial Planner of Ping An Life Insurance Company of China (Guangdong Branch)

3, Deng Qicong: Class 2012C, Standing Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Shangjia Food Co., Ltd.

4: Li Xikun: Class 2014D, General Manager of Foshan Bathroom Equipment Co. Ltd.

5, Xu Jianjun: Class 2011C, Copartner of Alliance PKU Management Consultants Ltd.

Deputy Secretary General (the Federation Chairman): Wen Yuan, Class 2016B

Executive Director (several, including alumni liaisons of MBA Centre):

Liang Yan, Class 2014D

Yang Zhiling, Class 2014C

Wang Shuai, Class 2015B

Lai Chengjie, Class 2014C

Zhu Bowei, Class 2014B

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