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Yunshan Student Salon----Entrepreneurship Salon----Entering into Aqua Gallery

publisher:createtime: 2017-05-02

On the morning of May 2nd, Lai Chengjie, Chairman of the 7th MBA Union of GDUFS, with Vice Chairman Li Canrong and the alumnus Yang Jinyu, organized a Yunshan student salon outside the school. The main activity was to visit Aqua Gallery, an enterprise of our alumnus. It is known that Aqua Gallery was founded by Li Xikun, a student of our university, and mainly engaged in kitchen and toilet product and bathroom equipment and oriented towards international markets.


The salon focused on the discussion on entrepreneurial ideas and innovative spirit. At the exchange meeting, Li Xikun introduced the attendees his entrepreneurial ideas and experience. Student He Huirong put forward her entrepreneurial conception and ideas. And alumnus Yang Jinyu also put forward a series of opinions and advises according to He’s conception. What’s more, Li Xikun expressed his plan to march into B2C cross-border e-commerce market, and Lai Chengjie shared the relevant experience and ideas with Li.


In the activity, the students not only sparkled their thoughts, but only visited Aqua Gallery’s newly completed exhibition center. In the visit, Li Xikun introduced the manufacturing technique and product information in detail.

After learning about his management concept and products, the students all agreed with Aqua Gallery’s business model and hope it can be a famous business card for MBA Education Center of GDUFS at the same time.

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