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GDUFS Students Achieve Good Results at the 2nd National Foreign Languages ??College Student MBA Entrepreneurship Competition

publisher:createtime: 2018-11-27

On November 24th, 2018, the 2nd National Foreign Languages College Student MBA Entrepreneurship Competition was held at Beijing International Studies University. The event was jointly hosted by Beijing International Studies University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and Shanghai International Studies University. After fierce intramural competitions held at the three schools, 12 teams were selected to enter the finals of the competition in Beijing.


A group photo of GDUFS participants


Wang Gang, Director of MBA Education Center, GDUFS, delivering a speech

Wang Gang, Director of MBA Education Center, GDUFS, led four teams from our school to participate in the competition. In the end, Liu Na, Yang Yuteng, Li Yanyu, Wang Yuren, and Zhang Yue’s project “Joyous Empowering Wine” won the second prize; Chen Yanting, Chen Huahui, and Li Binghua’s project “From Underachiever to Curve Wrecker” won the third prize; Wang Lili, Wang Yinling, Tao Xing, and Ma Jiangtao's project "Worksite Safety and Guardian" and Chen Sisi, Wang Zhe, Chen Jingwen's project "Spokesman" won the excellence award respectively.





Students from GDUFS won prizes

In this competition, the organizers invited a group of social entrepreneurs, angel investors and MBA students from all over the country to participate. The judges of this competition are Li Jinhe, managing partner of Beijing Bowei Zhihong Investment Co., Ltd., Zhang Yongjun, Managing Director of Jiuyicheng Xinyi Capital, Liu Shudong, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Jiuyang WISDOM Fund Co., Ltd., Xu Hui, founder of the Xishan Reading Club and Xishan Angel Association, and Ding Wei, Executive Vice President of NEC Communications (China) Co., Ltd.


Judges' Comments (Xu Hui, founder of the Xishan Reading Club and Xishan Angel Association)

After the road show, the judges commented on the advantages and disadvantages and feasibility of the projects from the perspective of investors. At the same time, they gave very pertinent suggestions for each project. Among them, Xu Hui, founder of the Xishan Reading Club and Xishan Angel Association, said, “Entrepreneurship is not a simple business. It’s fine if there is a flaw in a project, but we should not start thinking about how to make money at the beginning of the project. Entrepreneurs should consider more about how to make your project grow exponentially."

The projects by the 12 teams cover a lot of industries such as education, medicine, tourism, environmental protection and industry. There are lots of inspiring ideas, which make people long for more. They fully display the innovative spirit of MBA students. Finally, while giving our congratulations to the award-winning projects, we hope that everyone can continue to work hard, firmly believe in your project and have a prosperous career in the future.


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