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Notice on the 10th General Election of the MBA Student Union of GDUFS

publisher:createtime: 2018-12-17

According to the Statute of the MBA Student Union of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, the MBA Student Union will hold a general election on December 23, 2018. The details of the election are now notified as follows:

I.             Guiding Principles

In order to achieve the mission of MBA Student Union of “integrating strength, sharing resources, serving students, and enhancing the brand”, the plan for the general election of MBA Student Union of GDUFS is now being drafted.

The general election is proposed to publicly elect the positions in the presidium of the 10th MBA student Union. Based on the principle of “fairness, justice and openness”, we will ensure the smooth completion of the election, and recruit outstanding MBA students into the management team of the MBA Student Union.

II.            The Election Method

1.    It will be a competitive election. The candidates will deliver a public speech on the position they are applying for, and then the MBA students and the members of the preparatory committee will vote according to the candidate's speech and their performance. The results of the voting will be announced on the spot, and the members of the presidium will be elected in order of the votes.

2.    After the new term of the presidium of the MBA Student Union is formed, the leading bodies of MBA Center and the presidium members of the 9th session will jointly discuss the specific division of labor matters.

Note: All MBA students present have the right to vote.

III.          The Election Committee

All the management staff, teacher representatives, and the presidium members of the 9th session of the MBA Student Union of MBA Center, GDUFS.

IV.          The Frame of the 10th session of the MBA Student Union

      President (1 person): held by one member of the last presidium

      Advisory Council: composed of the members of the last presidium

      Secretary General (1 person): available

      Vice President (6 persons): available

V.           Recruitment Plan of the Presidium

Secretary General (1 person)

Vice President (6 person)

VI.          Application Requirements

Members of the MBA Student Union of GDUFS who have good political qualities and spirit of dedication.

Anyone who has good skills of organization, coordination, communication, and innovation.

Anyone who has the appropriate expertise or skills of the position.

Anyone who has a passion for serving MBA students and has plenty of spare time.

VII.        The Election Process

1.     Application ( December 17-December 19)

This recruitment is for students admitted in the year 2017 and 2018

The candidates are required to fill in the application form (Attachment 2: The Application Form of MBA Student Union of the School of Business) , provide a picture and then send them to the email address:

Contacts: CHEN Huahui 13662460006ZHANG Chun yan 13925155652

2.    Election

Time: 15:30, December 23, 2018 (TBD)

Place: Room 103 of No. 9 Teaching Building

Process: Each candidate delivers their campaign speeches in turn, introducing themselves, their respective election grounds, and administrative programs in 5 minutes.

After all the candidates’ speeches are completed, the members of the selection committee and all the MBA students vote on the spot and elect the members of the presidium.

The candidates who get the top 7 votes will enter the presidium, and the directors of the MBA Center will determine the appointments of the Secretary General and Vice Presidents. Candidates may bring their friends and relatives to the election place!

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