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The School of Business Successfully Holds the 2018 Opening Ceremony for the MBA Program

publisher:createtime: 2018-07-19

On July 21st, 2018, the opening ceremony of the MBA program was held at Room 103 of the MBA Education Center at No.9 Teaching Building. Freshmen of 2018 coming across the country gathered together to start their 2 to 3 years of learning to emerge as future business leaders. On this day, faculties attended this ceremony were as follows: Zhao Chen,Associate Dean of Graduate School, Zhu Wenzhong, Dean of School of Business, Yuan Denghua, Liang Jie, Qiu Weinian and Ding Hao, Associate Deans of School of Business, Luo Haiyang, Deputy Secretary of School of Business,Xu Yiqing, Office Director of of School of Business Wang Gang, director of the MBA Education Center, teachers from MBA office,including Yuan Yin, Li Aiting, Yu Qianqian, and Hong Yan, etc. The opening ceremony was presided over by Yuan Denghua.

At the beginning of the ceremony, all stood up to sing the university anthem of GDUFS, exploring the rich culture of the university. 



Yuan Denghua, Associate Deans of School of Business, was presiding over the ceremony



All stood up to sing the university anthem

Zhao Chen,Associate Dean of Graduate School, spoke highly of the new students of 2018 and made three requirements for them. First, be diligent in studying and don’t let your dreams just be dreams. Second, be responsible for yourself and live a fulfilled life. Third, be nice to others and be grateful for the companion of your classmates and teachers. His witty speech gained rounds of applause from the students.



Zhao Chen, Associate Dean of Graduate School, was giving a speech

Then, Zhu Wenzhong, Dean of School of Business gave a speech in English. He pointed out that the MBA program of the School of Business received AMBA accreditation in 2015, that made the School of Business of GDUFS the 26th AMBA accredited school in mainland, and the 4th in Guangzhou. He then made three requirements for students. First, be a humble student. That means no matter how successful their careers are, they should always stay modest to learn from others. Second, keep self-discipline in mind, dare to introspect and be better at self-control. As students, we should form and improve the habits of self-discipline,and strengthen quality cultivation. Third, realize the significance of practice and put our knowledge to work. 



Zhu Wenzhong, Dean of School of Business, was giving a speech

Wang Gang, director of the MBA Education Center , made a brief introduction on the basic condition and function of the center, and division of administrative staff. He also introduced relative events about scholarship so as to motivate MBA students to work hard and wished them a promising future.



Wang Gang, director of the MBA Education Center, was giving the speech

Professor Zhang Wubaoteacher representativeextended his congratulation to these students. He put forward that the MBA program of the School of Business was the first one with English instruction among its counterparts in China. “It’s common to have MBA programs, but rare to have English-instructed ones.” He underlined the importance of international language as a communication media in this globalized world, especially the international business English. He suggested that the students must be equipped with the capability of using international business English so as to become future management talents. He put forward three requirements for students. First, be a great person. That means the fine cultural traditions of China, such as gratitude and honesty need to be carried forward. Ethics first, career second. Second, do great things. The students shall manage their times reasonably so as to balance their studying and life. Third, appropriately handle the relationship between Western business culture and  traditional Chinese culture. Not simply copy Western culture, but understand both ancient and modern Chinese culture, and apply them in practice.



Professor Zhang WubaoProfessor Zhang Wubao was giving a speech

Yang Xiaoyan ,teacher representative, put forward that learning purposes decided learning methods. The students should do two things:First, make full use of the resources GDUFS provided, such as the library. Second, self-study is important,so the students should stick to self-discipline and self-teaching. She also pointed out that three characteristics were necessary for efficient learning: First, practicality, practice guided by theory. Second, the reality, scenario in a global context.Third, the morality, the value orientation in cultural differences.



Professor Yang Xiaoyan, Teacher Representative, was giving a speech


On behalf of the new students, Zheng Lilu shared his thoughts on why he wanted to study the MBA program at GDUFS. There were three reasons: First, “finding myself lack in theoretical knowledge in management, I decided to learn the knowledge of business management systematically so as to help me establish a wholesome knowledge system of management, and develop my logical thinking, sense of innovation and entrepreneurial competence.” Second, I was impressed by the talent cultivation mode of GDUFS, featuring “foreign language as strength, practice as focus; multiple specifications, versatile competences; high quality and international vision”. Third, when I wanted to study further to improve my knowledge and competence, the very first thought coming up to my mind was to apply for the MBA program of GDUFS, a program that can improve my comprehensive capabilities.



Zheng Lilu, Student Representative, was giving a speech

After the great opening ceremony, all attendees took a photo in front of the MBA Education Center.



The Group Photo  


MBA Education Center of School of Business

July 26th, 2018


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