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?Join us! The MBA Student Union of GDUFS is Recruiting New Members

publisher:createtime: 2018-09-12

About the Union

The MBA Student Union of GDUFS is a student union formed by MBA students at school which is aimed at promoting their solidarity, improving their own vocational development, forming relations with GDUFS MBA Alumni Association and developing resources both in and out of school. It also serves as a platform for MBA students to participate in the development and building of the school through coordination and mutual support.

The mission of the MBA Union is to integrate resources, to cultivate talents and to enhance the brand of the MBA program in GDUFS.

It has been the 9th session of the MBA Student Union since its founding. Under the leadership and support of leaders and teachers in MBA Education Center of the School of Business, the association has held various important activities and is well received by students.

First, introduction to the frame and functions of MBA Student Union of GDUFS

The presidium has overall responsibility for the MBA Student Union. In the presidium, there is one President and six Vice Presidents, each in charge of different departments with the term of one year. The union has also set secretariat to manage daily affairs and appointed one Secretary General with the term of one year. Advisory Council is chaired by the members of last presidium. The departments and members of the 9th session of the MBA Union of GDUFS are mainly responsible for the following work:



The presidium members of the 9th session of the MBA Student Union of GDUFS

The MBA Union of GDUFS has six functional departments, and they are(listed in no particular order): Department of Learning Exchange, Department of Culture and Sports, Department of Public Relations, Department of Publicity, Department of Liaison with Alumni and Department of International Communication. Their respective duties are as follows:


1. Be responsible for the overall work of the union and in charge of work related to building the brand of the school.

2. Discuss and decide the work orientation of the union; supervise the work done by each department; report to the assembly on the work of union.


1. The secretariat, a standing body of the union, coordinates the work of the various departments on behalf of the presidium and oversees the implementation of the major activities of the union.

2. It should be responsible for routine work of the union such as fund management, information release, regular meeting convening, file management.

3. It should report to the school of MBA on a regular basis and subject to its supervision and guidance.

Recruitment plan:

Two executive Secretary Generals

(3)Department of Learning Exchange

1. It is responsible for collecting and reflecting feedback from students on teaching

2. It is responsible for organizing academic competitions such as “BBS Lecture Hall”, student salon, case competition, etc.

3. It is responsible for assisting the school to hold academic activities such as MBA lectures and lectures given by famous teachers.

Recruitment plan:

Two executive directors

(4)Department of Culture and Sports

1. It is responsible for the preparation and organization of large-scale entertaining activities of the school.

2. It is responsible for organizing a variety of sports activities

3. It strengthens the contacts with departments of culture and sports in peer colleges and conducts inter-school competitions with them.

Recruitment plan:

Two executive directors

(5)Department of Public Relations

1. It is responsible for developing resources inside and outside the school to provide students with good external study and activity resources.

2. It is responsible for strengthening contacts with the China MBA Alliance, the South China MBA Alliance and unions in peer colleges.

3. It promotes and raises the popularity of MBA brand of GDUFS, and seeks sponsorship for major activities of the school.

Recruitment plan:

Two executive directors

(6)Department of Publicity

1.It is responsible for publicizing and reporting on various activities of the union and activities that are valuable to students

2.It is responsible for the preparation and printing of the union's work briefing, operation and maintenance of the union website, QQ group, official Weibo, etc.

3.It is responsible for interacting with the media, improving the brand reputation of MBA of GDUFS through media publicity and assisting in the management of the GDUFS MBA Journal--SMILE Home.

Recruitment plan:

Two executive directors

(7)Department of Liaison with Alumni

1. It is responsible for contacting the school and alumni association, setting up an alumni exchange platform and integrating alumni resources.

2. It assists the school and our alumni association in planning alumni back-to-school activities.

3. It is responsible for the building and management of clubs.

Recruitment plan:

Two executive directors

(8)Department of International Communication

1. It is responsible for contacting international student groups, strengthening exchanges among international MBA students, integrating international alumni resources and highlighting the MBA’s characteristics in GDUFS --integration of Chinese and Western cultures.

2. It is responsible for timely communicating the activities and policies of MBA Student Union of GDUFS to international students and encourage them to participate in the activities of the union.

3. It builds a platform for communication between Chinese and foreign students to facilitate their exchanges in culture, study and daily life.

4. It is responsible for collecting opinions and suggestions from international students on the union and broadening the international horizon of MBA program in GDUFS.

Recruitment plan:

Two executive directors

Second, application requirements

1. Anyone who are interested in working in the MBA Union of GDUFS and have plenty of energy and spare time can apply for the above-mentioned departments and corresponding positions. We will give priority to those whose own jobs perfectly match the work of the union. The functions and affairs of all departments are divided roughly. Although we have clear division of labor on detailed matters, they are our shared responsibility. We also encourage everyone to enhance their innovation awareness, improve their innovation ability, do more meaningful things and perform their duty well with an innovative mindset so that they can better serve MBA students both at school and having graduated.

2. This recruitment is mainly for students admitted in the year 2017 and 2018.

Third, application methods

1. Download The Application Form of MBA Student Union of the School of Business

of GDUFS and then send it to the E-mail address after you fill in the form. Please indicate the title of the email: XX grade XX class XXX, sign up for the XX department XX position of the union. Students recommended by the presidium should also submit the application form to the union on time.

2. Application time: from now until 17:00 on 14th September, 2018.

Forth, the value of MBA Student Union of GDUFS

It provides a great stage and resources and brings changes to your life trajectory. At here, with pure happiness and improvement, you, together with dedicated elites, can add a new chapter to the development of MBA program of the school of business in GDUFS, and have the opportunity to leave a indelible mark on it.



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