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An invitation to the 9th Mountaineering Festival from MBA Center of GDUFS

publisher:createtime: 2018-10-24

The Mountaineering Festival is a unique activity of the MBA Center of GDUFS. In the crisp autumn, our students, teachers, alumni, off-campus partners and peer colleges gather in the Baiyun Mountain to communicate with each other and also provide promotion platforms for the organizers and cooperators.

Time: November 4th, 2018

Venue: Baiyun Mountain

Contact: Ms. Yu

Tel: 18502008886

Theme: Pursue Health in Baiyun Mountain with GDUFS Students and Faculties

Organizers: MBA Center of GDUFS, MBA Union, MBA Alumni Association

Sponsor: China Construction Bank Baiyun Branch

Supporters: Baiyun Mountain Administration, Enzhan Consulting Firm, Fengwu Mountain, Florentia Village, Romantie Beauty Salon


1. Competitors: students of MBA Center and its alumni

2, Invited Experiencers: peer colleges and teachers of MBA Center, as well as non-participating teachers and alumni

3. Family-based groups join in the parent-child activities.

Time: 12:30-17:00 November 4th, 2018

Route: the gate of MBA Center of GDUFS – (near the NO. 12 the People’s Hospital) the northern entrance of Baiyun Mountain (the starting point) – Mingzhu Square – Huangshihe Square – Shanding Park

Activity Process:

1. Participants check in and take pictures.

2. Launching Ceremony: leaders deliver speeches and give the flag.

3. Mountaineering Competition: participants climb the mountain according to the activity route, on which there are two challenge missions.

4. Award Ceremony: awarding the top 3 teams and lottery for individuals (Huangheshi Square on the mountain top)


1. Participants should form their teams before the competition. Each team has 6-8 people, with both men and women. Students from one class have the priority to team up.

2. Students from the MBA Center should wear the training T-shirts (or the class uniforms). School teams should wear in the same way.

3. The mountaineering activity is in the form of competition. The participating teams must check in at the rally place (the gate of the MBA Center) in advance. Participants should climb according to the designated route and arrive at the destination. Only in that way, can they have the opportunity to get the award. Those who do not check in, do not reach the end or do not follow the route have to quit the competition.

4. All team members must walk along the cement road and take the same route.

5. There are two barriers on the way. One team can get through the barrier when all the team members arrive and pass the tests together. After getting through, everyone can get the pass logo (a sticker clinging to clothes which will be checked at last).

6. During the competition, referees will patrol in the competition area. If the player is found to cheat, the whole team will be kicked out (such as riding a bicycle, taking electro mobile, car or vehicles or cutting corners).

7. During the whole process, students must adhere to the SMILE values and protect the environment of the Baiyun Mountain. Everyone should carry a garbage bag and do not throw rubbish. Everyone is responsible to maintain the clean environment on the mountain.


There are 3 Outstanding Team Awards (1000 for the first place, 500 and 300 for the second and third place). There are also commemorative certificates and related trophies! At the same time, all participants can participate in the lottery draw.

Activity details:

12:30 Participants check in and sign on the background board and teams take photos. Then everyone waits in Room 103.

13:00 Thee opening ceremony and speech from the host (Li Yanyu)

13:05 Speech by the Dean of the School of Business

13:15 Activity introduction & notes  

13:20 The flag-giving ceremony       

13:25 To take a photo together

13:30 To announce beginning of the activity

13:30 Team captains make the final check and assemble all team members to the northern entrance of Baiyun Mountain

16:00 The award ceremony

16:30 Lottery & photographing ceremony      

17:00 To end the activity and down the mountain

Regarding the competition (initial plan):

 (1) The route: Starting from the gate of the MBA Center, participants enter Baiyun Mountain from its northern entrance (besides the NO. 12 People's Hospital) and climb to the Shanding Park. Two barriers are set in the Mingzhu Square and Huangheshi Square respectively. Each team should check the number of its members before the barriers. After all members arrive, the whole team can have the tests. Only when they pass the tests and get clearance cards from the judge, can the team move on.

(2) The first test: a rope-skipping match in the Mingzhu Square. Each team will select five members to finish the rope skipping for 30 times together.

(3) The second test: a shuttlecock-kicking match in the Huangheshi Square. Five members from each team make a circle and pass the shuttlecock clockwise for 2 turns. Every participating member is required to kick and should not drop the shuttlecock. If the shuttlecock falls to the ground, they will start again.

 (4) All teams will be ranked base on their order of reaching the Shanding Park. Each team should take a group photo before the background board of the destination.

Organizing Committee:

Organizing group leader: dean of the school of business Zhu Wenzhong

Organizing group members: associate dean of the school of business Yuan Denghua, director of the MBA Center Wang Gang, teacher of the student affairs Yu Qianqian, the vice presidium of the 9th MBA Joint Union, and the class committees

Registration Director: Chen Jingwen (Vivi CHEN), WeChat: beaqueenH20

Registration Method:

Please send names of the participants, the team name, contact information and class information to the WeChat (beaqueenH20) of Chen Jingwen , vice president of the Joint Union.

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