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From January 3rd to 10th, 2019, 40 MBA students from  Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME) in India arrived at the MBA Education Center of GDUFS for a 7-day study tour. As a renowned Indian institute, XIME has established a long-term partnership with the SOB to promote academic cooperation and cultural exchanges.   Yu Qianqian, supervisor of the Student Affairs, warmly received them. Student volunteers of MBA center, GDUFS followed up the whole tour. In this wonderful tour, students from both sides exchanged ideas and learned from each other. They knew more about each others culture, as well as deepen their relationships. All students were satisfied with the tour.

The study tour lasted for 7 days, including events such as lectures, company-visiting and city tour, and interactive activities between students from the two schools. The lecture artificial intelligence and innovation managementgiven by associate Professor ZENG Yuran, and Chinese customers and global business opportunitiesgiven by Professor DU Yupin, marked the opening of this study tour. They  introduced relevant theories concerning the lecture, then cited excellent examples to explain them, from which the students learned a lot. It was followed by three other lectures, namely Professor ZHU Wenzhong's "Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility", Professor YUAN Denghua's "International MBA Education Trend" , and Professor WU Yiming's "Responsibility Management". These courses are an important part of the “study” in this study tour, in which all the professors are eager to teach, and Indian students learned a lot.



During the study tour, YU Qianqian, supervisor of the Student Affairs Division showed students around four well-known enterprises: Othello, Zhujiang Brewery Group, Golden Sea, and Yinghao Technology. All companies gave them warm reception and arranged staffs to introduce their company features and history. Students were showed around each enterprise, and asked questions in the Q&A session. As the companies vary in styles and business domains, they learned a lot in the visits and enjoyed the whole trip.

Students visiting enterprises

This winter study tour was also a cultural exploration. During the trip, volunteers of MBA Education Center also organized sightseeings for these guests. They visited the Guangzhou Zoo, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Beijing Road, Canton Tower and the Pearl River, to name just a few. Guangzhou, a metropolis mixing traditions with modernity, left them with deep impression. Apart from that, the center held networking activities for MBA students of the two countries, staging a wonderful cultural show with Guzhen-playing and Indian dance as highlights.


During the show

At the end, on January 9th, all 40 students were awarded a certificate of completion by Yuan Denghua, Associate Dean of SOB, at Room 103. He congratulated on completion of the study tour and expressed good wishes of continued cooperation between the two schools.


Yuan Denghua with students


Group photo



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